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Our recreational program is open to girls ages 3 and up, and is for the beginner athlete, or for girls who may not be interested in a competitive environment. Instruction includes basic techniques of Rhythmic Gymnastics, combining stretching, body conditioning, creative movement and dance, while learning basic apparatus skills including hoops, balls, ribbons and ropes. Our group of recreational gymnasts will also participate in our Annual Summer Show in May/June. This allows them to showcase the skills they have earned in a non-competitive and fun environment.

COMPETITIVE – Pre-team & Team

The Competitive Program is geared towards more experienced athletes, includes more strenuous workouts and rigorous instruction in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Our traveling team will participate in local, regional and national competitions.
Pre-team and Team members get 5-20% off their Tuition, depends how many classes per week they attend.


Kids who participate in sports like soccer and baseball are able to “play the game” after only a few practices. Kids who participate in gymnastics are asked to spend years in training before they can participate in a “game situation.” The Rhythmic Xcel program allows kids to have positive competitive experiences in an official USA Gymnastics setting with less training time required. The program also allows athletes to participate in rhythmic gymnastics while staying active in school and family activities.
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The Rhythmic JO Program is a developmental program that helps prepare athletes from the beginning stages of Rhythmic until the time they are ready to make the move to the Elite Program. The Rhythmic JO Program covers the competitive levels 3-8 as well as the pre-competitive levels. More information regarding competition format and rules for the JO Program can be found in the 2019-2020 Junior Olympic Handbook and the Rhythmic Rules and Policies

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gymnasts’ level placement and moving from level to level is coaches prerogative only.

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