SP Director and coach

Julia Sanarova is a former Ukrainian professional gymnast. She spent 17 years in Rhythmic gymnastics studying, competing and training. During this period Julia has showcased her high skill level by achieving “Master of Sport” title for various regional and national awards. In 2003 she won silver of the International Oviedo Cup (Spain). In 2006 Julia became the bronze medalist of the Senior National Championship in the group team category. She also performed as a cheerleader for Ukrainian Super League Basketball Team. Julia currently has three years of college in Sports Management Since moving to the US in 2008 Julia has participated in a number of shows organized and managed by renowned choreographer Jimmy Locust. And at his show “Focus” in April 2012 she has performed a self-choreographed solo.

    Member of USA Gymnastics. Member #996645.


  • U100: Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
  • U101: Safety & Risk Management Courses.


SP ballet teacher and choreographer

Marina Dubrovina started ballet when she was 5 years old. At 14 yo she used to take classes with professional ballet dancers at Theater of Opera and Ballet in Ufa. After the high school she entered to The Academy of Arts and Culture in Samara. Marina graduated for the Academy with honors earning a degree in choreography and dance teaching. Marina worked in professional theater ‘’Kamernaya scena” and in a show group as a dancer while she was studying at school. She quickly found a job in Center of children’s Arts in Ufa right after the graduation. Marina has a huge experience in working with the kids of different age groups.

Marina also used to create a show for professional dancers, singers, sportsmen, showcase pieces for competitive ballroom dancers. She was a starring choreographer for professional Drama Theater in Ufa, worked as a choreographer-consultant for circus artists and podium models; created a beauty contests. My shows won several awards and my students became successful artists, dancers and models all over the world.


SP choreographer and coach

Anna Ryzner is a dancer originally from Poland where she grew up training in various styles of dance. Once started her dance journey, for over 15 years she trained in ballet, jazz dance and acrobatics, later developing a strong technical base in show dance.
She has won several solo and team titles and medals for her performances in Poland and Germany. Championship of Poland:1st place and gold medal (category “small formation”) in 2003, 2nd place and silver medal (category “large formation”) in 2001, 3rd place and bronze (individual) in 2002, 3rd place (category “large formation”) in 2004 and 4th place at the Championship of Europe in Germany (category “duo”) in 2003. Before Anna came to US, for four years she was an successful dance studio owner and personal acrobatics trainer.

Anna is a former member of the International Dance Organization (IDO).

Rhythmic Gymnastics became one of her passions since she’ve been involved into junior RG development program. She feels excited to be a part of SP team and share her various experience.